Recording sound effects

I started recording sounds with a Zoom H1n stereo audio recorder. So far I am very satisfied with it and can recommend it.

Afterwards the recordings are edited with Audacity until they fit into the game.

Game Menu

Here is a view of the current game menu. The moon is moving and also the music for the menu is ready so far. I used two colors scheme for the game. One warm version for earth views and a much colder one for the moon.

Starting a devlog

I’ve read so many times the recommendation to write a devlog, so I’m starting one here.

My new game will be called “Helium Electric” and the story is set in the Cold War of the 1980s.

It is 1986 to be more specific and you find yourself in the role of an guy who just managed to get a position at the “Helium Electric” corporation.

A brief introduction

The story is set in the Cold War of the 1980s, in which humanity was blindly drawn into the Cold War without realizing that this insane endeavor was causing a shortage of resources. Until it came to a near standstill. Corporations took control of the action and found new ways to supply the world with necessities. The Cold War became more and more a corporate struggle. Over time, one company proved particularly successful. Helium Electric had found a way to mine helium on the moon and convert it to electricity on Earth. Earth’s future seemed assured, but at a very high price….

Stay tuned for more updates.
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