LEDS now with a Steam page

“Loot Express Delivery Service” has been approved for release via Steam! Don’t forget to wishlist. 😀

Here is the Link:

I also started making devlog videos on YouTube. Please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe for all upcoming updates.

Here is the Link:

Printer Animation

I have done some work on my printer animation which is located on the top part of the dashboard. The paper is a bit transparent and the sound is from a needle printer that I had as a child.

Statistic Window

The statistics page is ready so far and matches the rest of the game design. The player can track his performance here.

It also shows the relationship status with the relatives and the company.

Start Screen Music

A friend of mine helped me with the start screen music. It fits the mood of the game very well. Here is a short version of it:

The moon in the background is just rising and it is nice to watch the scene.

Dialog System

Currently working with the dialog system Dialogic. It works very well. It was difficult to draw the communication partners for this but I guess it fits to the overall design of the game.

The picture shows a call from the human resources department

The dialog system appears when a call is made. The mood of the communication partners increase when it is a good conversation. But outgoing calls are also very expensive.

Recovery Area

Some work done in the recovery area of the moon station. Here you can see your daily progress and decide how to use the money you earned.

The money-making calculator depends on the helium-3 harvesting rate. The bar on the right shows how high your performance rate must be to move up in earnings.

Health Status Screen

I have been working on the health status screen and I am happy with it now. The screenshot shows a bad status of the player.

The player must be careful with his health. There is no one else in the station who could help.

Animating an analog gauge

I added some analog gauges to the station to measure radiation, for example. There is also a small effect where the lights flicker when the solar storms become too strong.

It is interesting to see how many layers you need to have a controllable gauge in your dashboard.