— Loot Express —
— Delivery Service —

Are you interested in rare items? Do you want to collect a diverse collection of artifacts from the planets of distant universes?
Then welcome to Loot Express Delivery Service, the only place for all your precious item needs!
We offer you a service of stealing valuable items from alien planets. The delivery will be made to your spaceport or to your home address, for a small additional fee, of course.
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— Helium Electric —

Helium Electric will be a management/strategy game in which you’ll manage a station on the Moon to extract helium. The story is based on scientific research about helium-3 and its existence on the Moon.

The game is now available.
Steam Link


FishTank is an pet simulator with build in mini games. Goal is to take care and enjoy the presence of an pet friend. It is an casual game with the idea of relaxing.

FishTank is released for Android and available in these stores:

— CoreHack —

CoreHack is a simple experimental reaction game for mobile phones. The goal is to hit the core in the middle avoiding the spinning shield. The guns can overheat. Each level up will add 30 seconds to the time but also increases the rotating speed. The game is free of charge and available for Android on .